Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A bit of babble, but not much squeak

For the last three months, words haven't poured out of me as they normally do.  I like to think that it's because my patience and/or my control has become better, but I suspect it's more to do with knowing to shut up when at a loss for words. Is that an improvement? Never mind.

The biggest thing that's happened in the past months was the vacation and the book launch. The IB-HCI anthology was finally done and released on Aug 1st.  Two separate launch events were held, sadly none at Kolkata, so I had to be satisfied with photos and reports and emails, but that didn't matter so much because I never expected that I would be attending anyways.  It just felt wonderful to see it all come together and to hold it in my hands.  And it has been a thrilling and a huge learning experience all the way - from presenting the contest ideas through to being mentored by Ashok Banker and the whole process of edits with the HCI team.

It's available from various retailers, here's the link from Flipkart. 

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